About Us

My name is Karen. I live on Bainbridge Island with my husband and two Labradoodles and a cat. When I graduated from high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life, but I always loved fashion and decided to enroll in one of the community colleges in the Silicon Valley studying textile design. While I was still in school, I made my first wedding veil and sold it to a bride. Back in the early 90’s there were only handful of companies making veils. I made most of the veils by hand right here on Bainbridge Island, WA.
I sewed my dolls clothes in my mother’s basement as a little girl, and somewhere along the way, I managed to sell some of the doll’s clothes to my friends at school. I loved that I have a freedom to think and design how I want to design clothes and little did I know it would lead to design of veils and to be of service to brides.  There’s a lot of room for imagination and creativity in making veils.
I love making veils with my 3 close friends, Susan, Cee and Jane. We all live on a small island 30 minutes ferry ride to Seattle, WA. We work together as a team. When we do the bead work, it is very time consuming – most of the beaded veils with simple pattern will take us about 6 hours. We have so much passion with what we do and we hope that we can continue to be the part of the brides’ special day.
Our veils are elegant, extraordinary and exclusively just for you. We offer a superior assortment of veils available to you. From modern shoulder length veils, to the cascading Cathedral, each selection will sweep you off your feet.
We will make your wedding day more fulfilling by visiting us at WeddingVeil.com
You will find a collection of breath-taking veils to crown you, captivate you, charm you, because we care and we take our passionate about what we do.
Choose from our extensive selection, with dreamy US made fabric in three shades; white, diamond and ivory. Delicate edging in organza, mantilla lace and much more. Beautiful fabric scattered petal soft daisies, dazzling pearls, or sparking Swarovski crystals/rhinestones. All at an affordable price.
At WeddingVeil.com, we know the importance of trust and respect to both the consumer and manufacturer. By striving to maintain the highest standards of workmanship and quality, we promise to satisfy your goals and expectations. We offer quality products at the reasonable price and competitive price.
Please come and visit our website and feel free to choose the veils that best suite your need. Browse through our online catalog at WeddingVeil.com, and experience the beauty for yourself.

Mission Statement of WeddingVeil.com

To deliver premier customer service and satisfaction, and assurance to:
    Provide supreme products at affordable prices

    Personalize quality and service

    Maintain standards of integrity and excellence

    Recognize the strengths and talents of others in the company, and engage in equality and fairness.
Privacy Policy

We respect our customers and their security, and do not sell or in any way distribute data collected. All information received for mailing or purchasing is personal and strictly confidential.

There are over 300 headpieces and veils on this web site. You can relax in the comfort of your home and browse the products. You can also order a custom "made-to-order veil" via the Custom Veils section contacting us at 650-678-5378, or through email at info@weddingveil.com.

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