Dear customer, in this page you will find answers to many of the questions you might have about our website and our products. We are constantly updating this page so please check here often. If you still have questions, feel free to call (650)678-5378 or email us info@weddingveil.com

1. What choices do I have for veil widths? 72" or 108"?

We can make any veil layer 72" or 108" wide, the choice is yours, the price is the same for either. You can also mix and match the widths of different layers to create a special combination - for example a 72" wide Shoulder-length layer followed by a 108" wide Fingertip-length layer. Call us to find out more!

2. Can I have accents (scatter pearls, rhinestones, daisies, etc.) AND also a special edging (pencil/serged, rattail ribbon, organza ribbon, etc.)?

Yes, absolutely! We can create just about any custom veil for you based on the three criteria per layer: 1) Length, i.e. Shoulder [18"], Elbow [30"], etc, 2) Edging style, i.e. plain, rattail ribbon, satin ribbon, pencil/serged edging, organza ribbon, mantilla, etc., and 3) Accents, i.e. scatter daisies, pearls, or rhinestones. In addition to these three parameters, the cut pattern will also affect how a veil looks. We apply a standard cut pattern to veils except where it is noted differently. For some Mantilla and specialty veils, we will automatically use a oval-cut or center-gathered cut unless you specified otherwise. If you do not see a combination that you are looking for, call us and we will make it for you!

3. Can I make one of the layers detachable?

Yes. For multi-layered veils, you may want to remove a layer for various occassions throughout your wedding day. If you want this option, please include a note in the checkout page, we will be happy to make the specified layer detachable for you.

4. Why are weddingveil.com's prices so low compared to other sites?

We can keep our prices so low because we ARE the manufacturers for most of the veils you see on our website. You're not going through a middle person that may tack on to the price an extra 50% to 200% or even more. Also, we do not keep huge inventories on hand, so we pass on the savings to you. So how can we still offer such fast shipping for items that may not be in stock, you might ask. Simple! If we don't have something in stock, we will make it within a day or two. We don't have to rely on suppliers like many other sites!

We believe in value and customer service, not just blindly charging you whatever the market rate is, or what other sites are charging. Be assured that each veil is made from the best materials possible and individually inspected and sent to you with personal care. The bottom line is that we want you to be happy with our products AND services. We offer a generous exchange policy and are always available to work one-on-one with your needs. If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call or email us, it's that simple!"

5. Is there a restocking fee for refunds or exchanges?

We want you to be happy with the veils and other products you order from us. Sometimes the veil just isn't what you thought you wanted, or you changed your dress or ordered the wrong color, length, etc. We understand this and so we continuously improve our photos and descriptions so you know exactly what you've ordered.

If you do still have to return the veil, we will gladly give you a refund or exchange it with another veil, with NO restocking fees (on orders for only 1 veil)!! You just pay the shipping, and if it was our mistake, we'll pick up the shipping charges as well! NOTE - the no restocking fee policy applies only orders for just one veil. For multiple veils orders, restocking fee does apply ($10 plus 15% for each veil returned). Please read our Return Policy page thoroughly before placing an order.

We know it's a little unusual to offer such a generous policy, especially for such custom-made products such as we provide. That's why we encourage you to view the photos and read the descriptions carefully, order swatch samples, and email or call us if you have any questions. Ordering the right veil the first time makes everybody happy! But if it doesn't work for you the first time, isn't it nice to know there's no restocking fees? :) Please read our Return Policy page for further details.

6. What material are the veils and are combs included? And what are the available colors while you're at it?

All of our veils are made with the finest material - Bridal Illusion, 100% Nylon. All veils, unless stated otherwise, are attached to a metal comb and are available in three colors: White, Off-white/Diamond, and Ivory. If you need a swatch sample, just email or call us, we'll be glad you send it to you!

7. When can I expect my veil to arrive?

After you submit your order, our customer representatives will review it and send you a confirmation email. We will contact you if we have any questions about your order. It will then take about 8 to 13 business days for you to RECEIVE your order. This includes the time for us to process and ship your order. If you ordered a custom veil, the time frame is the same! For faster turnaround, use the express delivery option for a very reasonable additional fee.

8. Can I order veil lengths different from the choices shown?

We currently have 8 length options from 18" (Shoulder) to 108" (Cathedral). These options usually meet the needs for the vast majority of our customers. But if these options are not enough, please call us and we can usually customize the length(s) to your exact specifications. You can also request special combinations of edgings and accents. Please note that because each special-order veil is created specifically for you, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for these veils. Please see the Return Policy page for more details.

Note that if you're looking to order a veil based on standard lengths, edgings, accents, and widths options, you can mix and match these options to create a custom veil in our Custom Veils section

Lastly, please note that our Specialty Veils collection cannot be special-ordered.

9. Do the color of the edging (mantilla laces, rattail, satin, and organza ribbons) match exactly that of the tulle color?

Close, but not exactly. In general, you can expect the color of the edgings to be slightly darker than the tulle fabric itself.

10. Can I buy two veils and return one? I can't decide between two veils and would like to try both and return one, is this possible?

If you order 2 or more veils with the intention to keep only one veil, a small 15% sampling charge plus $10 restocking fee will be subtracted from your refund for each veil you return.

Example: Sandra buys two veils, with the intention of returning one. Veil #1 is $90 and veil #2 is $100. She pays for both up front ($190 + shipping + taxes, if CA resident) and after trying both, decides to keep veil #1 and return veil #2. Since veil #2 was $100, the refund to Sandra would be $100 - 15% - $10 = $75.

See the return policy page for full details.

11. How do I place the comb into my hair so that the veil doesn't fall off?

Please watch the video in this link for a full demonstration!



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