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Care and Preservation

A headpiece should be of high quality that lasts many years, twenty up to one hundred.

It is tradition to pass it down from generation to generation, but even if it only has a lifetime of one bride, it should be well persevered. It is a valuable memory of one of the happiest days of your life and also reflects your family's heritage.


Before you begin to package your wedding souvenirs, you might want to perform a couple of touch ups to your items. Replacing missing accessories like pearls, ribbons and flowers will not do much damage to the original framework, but cleaning may. Blemishes may spread, and dry cleaning may fade and age the fabric.

Place your heapiece and other tangible materials in a separate storage unit outside your wedding gown. This allows the gown to preserve the original shape and beauty.

Use acid-free boxes and tissue paper. Paper materials that contain residual acids will cripple, fade and lead to the destruction and deterioration of the articles being stored.

Make sure the acid-free box you select is not buffered. Some of the acid-free boxes contain an alkali called calcium carbonate. This substance can gradually ruin and damage protein fibers. For those headpieces that contain delicate materials like wool or silk, choose non-buffered acid-free paper materials.


It is important to create a support foundation for the body of your headpiece during storage. Use Styrofoam for a proper base, and wrap your headpiece in acid-free tissue paper or cotton fabric. Keep the shape of the headpiece by stuffing it with clusters of crumbled acid-free tissue paper.

Place blocks of Styrofoam or stiff acid-free paper materials like cardboard around the sides of the storage unit. This allows the headpiece to maintain a stable position to prevent damage from shifting and movement. Make sure the headpiece is set apart from the veil, then blanket it with more support from tissue paper.

For preservation of your veil, gather it gently between folds of acid-free tissue paper in each layer. If the veil is attached to the headpiece, station it lightly around the headpiece. If the veil is detachable, store it in a different storage unit still enclosed in acid-free tissue paper.


Store your boxes in dark dry areas like a closet or underneath the bed. Avoid basements and attics. By placing your possessions there, the dampness of the environment can destroy the items with mildew. Insects can also demolish the materials and eat away at it's content. If placed in the attic, the climate there can also weaken fibers. Protect the boxes from dust with sheets, not plastic. Plastic forms condensation and the moisture ruins the materials.

Although you may take all the necessary precautions to preserve your wedding items, time will only tell. Natural aging of the materials may force you to replace and restore certain aspects of your wedding garments.


 You open your eyes.  A hazy mist lingers around you. Pushing open heavy oak doors, a familiar melody plays sweetly from an organ, beckoning you into the room. Bewildered, you take a hesitant step forward with one white satin shoe. Soaking in your surroundings, you survey the room. You peer into faces of loved ones, those you have known all your life. Your feet, transfixed with the rhythm of the music, make a steady pace down the aisle. Loved ones gaze in adoration at you, smiling tear-streaked faces mouth the words, "She's so beautiful," and "My how lovely her dress is."

"My dress?" You think. Glancing down, you see yourself clothed in flowing white, a delicate veil covers your face. The gown is topped off with a beautiful headpiece, the finishing touch to your wedding ensemble. Your wedding! Could this be? Hurriedly, your eyes skim the front, and you notice him. Your beaming fiancée, looking handsome in his tuxedo and staring at you with love and devotion. All doubts and jitters immediate fly out the stained-glass chapel window as you lock eyes with his. Tremors of happiness flow through your body, as you realize with calm assuredness that this is the man you will love to spend the rest of your life with.

A beautiful smile of happiness appears on your face. Suddenly your eyes fill with tears. Oh no! A horrific thought creeps into the back of your consciousness. Frantically, you scan the room, and yes! There it is! Choking back screams of terror, you discover your worst nightmare has come true. The florist forgot to take the lilacs out of the wedding bouquet! You are allergic to lilacs! Uncontrollable tears from the sensitive reaction begin to flow freely down your face. Absentmindedly, you wipe your face with a gloved hand, and realize you aren't wearing waterproof mascara. Streaks of black makeup stain your veil and glove. Distraught, you yank your makeup smeared hands away, only entangling them in yards of fabric from your veil. Suddenly your nose starts to twitch. No. Oh please no. Then it happens. Like an erupting volcano that cannot be stopped you let out a tremendous sneeze. The impact whiplashes your head backwards, causing your headpiece to slip, blanketing your face. The moments are frozen in time as everything takes on a slow motion speed. Now blinded by your veil, you frantically flap your arms in confusion, trying to set them free of the spider web veil that now has consumed your whole body in its net. Fluttering about, you blindly knock over the laughing ring bearer, sending him tumbling down the aisle, and the ring flies into the crowd of gawking spectators.  A moment of silence hushes over the crowd, but then all chaos breaks loose. Guests are on hands and knees, transforming into a mass of yelling officials shouting and scrambling around like pigs to find the ring.

You let out a scream of terror . . .   and find yourself upright in your bed with beads of perspiration rolling off your forehead.  It was only a dream.  Nightmare more like it.  Taking in gulps of air, you let yourself settle down before you pick up the phone and double check with the florist.

There might not be lilac at your wedding, but a loose and awkward headpiece can be the cause of many wedding disasters. To prevent this nightmare from occurring at your wedding, follow these headpiece saving steps.

How do I keep my headpiece on? Follow these simple tricks of the trade and your wedding will be a piece of cake.

Keeping the Comb in Place

Make sure the comb has a sufficient foundation to sink it's teeth into. Pin your curls in place with metal bobby pins to ensure the stay of your hairstyle. Then place the comb over the curl and push the comb's teeth underneath the metal bobby pins.

Keeping your Hat on

To make sure your hat or headpiece doesn't slide off, you can bind foam carpet tape to the inside of the hat or headpiece. This ensures a stable foundation as the foam tape grips your hair.

A big Headpiece

Sometimes you might end up with your headpiece being too roomy or heavy for your head. You can braid horsehair into loops, and secure them to the inside of your headpiece. Then pin your bobby pins to the horsehair.

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